Stump Removal in Kenosha

Looking for a company to take care of your stump removal in Kenosha? Welcome to Pollard Tree Industries, where we offer the expertise and experience you need! With over 10 years of experience removing stumps and trees from residential and commercial properties, you can rely on us to take the proper care and precautions to make sure that your stump removal project is completed properly and quickly.

You can count on the Pollard Tree team for a great experience as a customer because your satisfaction is our number one priority! We have a commitment to providing the best outcome for you when it comes to your tree stump removal in Kenosha. Since 2010 we have taken the opportunity to provide our community in Kenosha and its surrounding areas with a great experience when it comes to our tree services.

If you have a stump that needs to be removed in Kenosha and you want the job done by professionals, Pollard Tree Industries is the best choice! When you give us a call for your stump removal or any of the other services we provide you won’t be disappointed. So why wait? Call today!

Why Hire a Stump Removal Service in Kenosha?

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Most of our clients hire us to remove their stump(s) for any number of reasons. Some common reasons to hire a stump removal service in Kenosha include:

  • Unsightly stumps
  • Removal of tripping hazards
  • Removal of stumps for the purpose of building
  • Stumps can harbor disease and/or fungus

Removing a stump yourself can be a dangerous task! Between the use of gas-powered equipment and the possibility of injury, many choose to hire professional stump removal companies to take care of the project with ease. Ready to discuss your stump removal project? Contact us today!

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